Can we take a minute to appreciate my life motto. lol. This post is more of a rant I suppose. I can’t stand to let my opinion go un-noticed so I’ve decided to blog about it. As a woman myself, I can relate to spending a couple of hours getting ready in the morning. Stressing over which color lipstick, or If this dress makes me look fat. I get it. What I don’t get is why girls these days get off by tearing each other down. What ever happened to girl power? I haven’t had a girl best friend in years. Women love to create posies, and gossip about one another. Yes, notice I said WOMEN. When I was younger I always thought this petty drama was for little GIRLS. Now I realize that some people truly never grow out of it.. Grown women would rather indulge themselves in gossip to fit in, than be different to show they might just have a backbone. I’m guilty of turning my head and just avoiding the confrontation of not wanting to get involved. I’m over that now. I was raised better than this.  I’m the one who smiles at another girl as she passes me in the halls at my school. Occasionally I’ll get a smile back. But more often than not, I’ll get a strange glare, because someone can’t possibly think I’m giving them a genuine smile and going about my day. I’ve challenged myself to speak my mind a little more. In the slightest of way’s you can make someone’s entire day. Instead of looking at her petite figure in that expensive floral dress and long curled hair at Starbucks and being jealous or rudely making judgment.. How about a nice smile, or a compliment? Then you can go back to your day because in all honesty, nobody really cares any ways………I thought this was going somewhere. I really did.

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