The differences are like night and day. I obtained my associates degree at a community college satisfied. I didn’t really know that I was missing out on anything until this Semester. My first semester at a university. No wonder my tuition is doubled! Is it worth it? Well, for the endless opportunities, resources, and involvement..yeah.  I like to think so. Biggest question of all: Is it like the movies? To be honest, it kind of is!!

Community College:

  • Campus life: Wait what campus life? …exactly. You will find yourself with plenty of quiet places to study. But what about when you’re not studying? Nothing going on here, that’s for sure. I once saw some guy using his school shirt to clean his muddy truck tires. How’s that for school spirit?
  • Hours of Operation: The hours at my community college sucked! The library was open like 10 hours a day M-F. (Not too bad.) But, The weekends you are generally screwed. Which if you’re like me, the weekends is when you need the library the most. You spend the week taking classes, and then they shut the library down when you want to study.
  • Resources: So I think they had a math lab and a writing center. I utilized the math center every semester because math is my weak spot. But if I needed help deciding my major, advice from a counselor, help finding a job, or anything else…good luck.
  • Sports: There are none. lol
  • Food: Can we talk about how food for a college student is like the MOST important thing? I can’t be the only person who feels this way. It’s vital to survival. We need food and lots of coffee. Community colleges generally have a cafe with standard hospital-like food. For example, dried up turkey sandwiches (over-priced) , pop tarts, some chips, stale bagels, and once in a while they would have Sushi (or whatever the hell that is that they are calling sushi). Not to mention the atmosphere looks like a high school cafeteria. It was awful. I usually ate out of vending machines, that stole my money most of the time.


  • Campus life: People everywhere. Happy people! Students who are proud of where they go to school and actually have school spirit. On campus housing! FRATS AND SORORITIES! I always had an unsure opinion about those until I realized how involved you can get and that you can make life long friends. There is usually always some kind of event going on, and music playing around campus. It’s always an atmosphere you want to be around.
  • Hours Of Operation: The freakin’ library is open until 1AM on Sundays. LITERALLY 1 O’ CLOCK IN THE MORNING ON A SUNDAY. Where else can you find anything open that late on a Sunday of all days? At a University, that’s where!
  • Resources: Well, you’ve got a full student health building that is at no cost to you as a student, counselors, 24 hour support line, campus police at your side with the click of a button, loads of parking garages for your convenience, sports, clubs, movie nights, organizations, etc. Not to mention they have a writing center, math center, reading center, and just about any subject you need help with. The resources are endless.
  • Sports: Sports are a great way to get involved in college. Whether you have a scholarship for football or you’re just playing for fun. They have teams and clubs such as football, basketball, soccer, baseball, rugby, swimming, cheerleading, dance, gymnastics, boating, diving, etc. If you want to make memories and stay fit, you can find your way at a university.
  • Food: Where do I begin? Universities have all the food you could ever dream of having. Chick-Fil-A, Moes, Papa Johns, Deli’s, Burger joints, Jamba Juice, Bagel shops, Starbucks, Dunkin, AND REAL SUSHI. lol The options are endless. If you’re hungry, go EAT.

Not to be cliché but: You Only Live Once. That’s why I feel that paying the extra money is worth the benefits/experience you get at a university. All of my college experience is being paid by me. My parents didn’t plan for me to go to college, nor was I eligible for any scholarships. I wasn’t born to just pay bills and die. So I’m gonna live it up, while I can. & you should too.

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