Even the worst days are only 24 hours…

It’s easy to slip into a bad mood over things that aren’t even worth your time. It’s only human nature. But, why let a dark cloud follow you around if you don’t have to? We only get one life. I find it easier to just ask myself: “Will It matter tomorrow? Will it matter next week? Will it matter a year from now?” The answer is usually no. SO WHY WASTE YOUR ENERGY ON IT. Don’t get me wrong having emotions is healthy and normal. I’m just referring to the dwelling aspect. We’ve all been in a funk we can’t get out of. Here are some of my favorite ways to get out of one…

5 Ways To Get Out Of A Bad Mood

  1. Eat. Take yourself on a casual stroll to Publix or whatever grocery store you go to and pick up some of your favorite snacks. Food is the best quick fix ever. (I never said 5 healthy ways to get out of a bad mood.)
  2. Music. Positive music can have a huge affect on your mood. Sometimes that’s all it takes. Spotify has a great selection of “Lift me up” stations. I love starting my morning out listening to upbeat music. It gets my day off to a good start.
  3. Exercise. I know, I know. I can’t even believe I stooped to this level…But it’s a fact! You exercise, you release Serotonin (the happy hormone). Just do it. You don’t even have to go get all sweaty at the gym. You can do some yoga in your bedroom. Or even take a run. No excuses now.. Not after that Publix run anyways! But we won’t talk about that.
  4. Vent. Talk about everything thats got you down with a friend… Oh you don’t have any friends? GOOD. NOW YOU’RE EXPERIENCING A DAY IN MY LIFE. lol kidding! This is tricky. If you’re like me you have a hard time finding people you click with. The good news is…You can always talk to me. My contact info is always in the sidebar. Reach out anytime. I’m here for everyone. <3
  5. Face It. You’re pretty much going to be miserable for the rest of your life. It’s a proven fact that if suggestions 1-4 don’t work you’re screwed for life… Sorry I had to be the one to tell you. I’m so funny. Don’t listen to anything you hear on the internet, including me. To the point: Last but not least, If all else fails…FACE YOUR PROBLEMS. I’m giving you all I’ve got here! If none of this works you’ve probably got a more serious issue going on that needs special attention. Go out there like the adult that you are and fix whatever it is thats got you down. You can’t continue to live like this. You should understand that some days will be bad days..

But, Even The Worst Days Are Only 24 Hours.


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