Bc seriously, being bloated is annoying AF.




Were you expecting anything else? Your water intake should be your primary concern everyday. So opt for a glass of h20 over any other tempting drinks. I completely understand that when you’re bloated the last thing you want to do is drink more water. But, ironically water is exactly what your body needs when you’re bloated. Staying hydrated increases the rate of digestion which can actually counteract the awful side effects of excess sodium. (Basically, if you drink enough water you can eat all the Mcdonald’s you want and not feel 9 months pregnant.) Sort of.



This Sh** is bananas. B-A-N-A-N-A-S! Bananas are like gods great remedy for all of your problems! Constipated? Bananas! High blood pressure?  Bananas! Need to get in 1st place in Mario Kart? Bananas! Bananas are my go-to. I try to eat one once a day with breakfast. They are most nutritional when they are fresh. Access sugars build up as they age and turn brown. While bananas may seem heavy, they actually are a fantastic weight loss food. They’re loaded with fiber and potassium which helps relieve water retention.

leafy greens

Leafy Greens:

This is particularly referring to kale, asparagus, spinach, and lettuce. Veggies such as brussel sprouts cause a buildup of gas/bloating. However, kale, asparagus, spinach and lettuce do no such thing. They are loaded with dozens of much needed nutrients. Plus they are low in calories and are loaded with fiber. Fiber helps aid the body in digestion. And if we’re being honest, bloating is primarily a digestive function as a side effect of foods we eat. To counteract those affects, make sure you’re getting enough fiber!



Processed Foods:

This includes but is not limited to…all your favorite things to eat. You have to decide is it worth the flat tummy? Avoid fast foods, canned foods, ready to go lunches, and pre-packaged anything really. Processed foods are a huge NO for belly bloating. They contain loads of added chemicals and sodium and fat. This is a sure way to look pregnant when you actually just hit Mcdonald’s on your way home from class. Just avoid it.

Canned Soups & Ready-make macaroni:canned food.jpg

A classic college students go-to. Sometimes you think you’re getting a healthy can of vegetable soup. Take a closer look at the nutrition labels! Even if they claim to be low in fat or calories, most soups are loaded with sodium. Sodium=bloat. Still confused? Let me explain a little further. So, we have these two organs in our body known as the kidneys. The kidneys help filter waste, produce urine, and balance our body’s fluid intake.When you immerse your system with sodium, the kidneys just can’t. They can’t even. So the salt sits in the bloodstream where it attracts water, which then causes water retention, also known as bloat. 


Alcoholic Beverages:

Speaking of which, I could use a large frozen strawberry margarita right about now. But i’m gonna opt out. Alcohol slows your stomach from emptying its regular contents. This will cause your mid section to feel heavy and full. Alcohol causes the body to retain water. And again, water retention=bloated belly. I know it’s very unfortunate. I didn’t make this stuff up, it is what it is. Choose your battles wisely. I’m sure you’ve heard that alcohol dehydrates you. However, while alcohol has diuretic effects, a dehydrated body will retain more water than a hydrated one. SCIENCE. If you absolutely have to drink alcohol, science suggests drinking one glass of water in between each drink to keep your body hydrated.


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