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           Is Sugar Bear Hair worth all the hype?

(Disclaimer: This post is NOT sponsored.)

Sugar Bear Hair has went viral on Instagram, Twitter and other social media. So what is it? Sugar Bear Hair is a company that produces hair vitamins which claim to give you long healthy locks in record timing! The company got most of it’s growth from targeting popular public figures on social media including the ridiculously famous Kim Kardashian. Through thousands of sponsorships these gummy bears have blown up all over the internet. But the question is… are they really worth the hype? You pay an expensive $29.99 for one bottle which is only a one month supply.  The reviews are hard to trust since the company is based on purely sponsorship. If you’re unaware what that means, i’ll explain it. Basically companies who want to grow fast will pay highly influential people such as public figures on social media, youtubers, and celebrities to brand or “sponsor” their product in exchange for free gifts/money. It’s completely legal but not always the best way to develop a trusting brand. To be 100% honest I’ve never taken the time to purchase these vitamins. This is not a review more so an announcement of my research. If you want to grow long hair, with elasticity and extra moisture/strength their are over the counter methods that are the exact same thing. I take Walgreens hair skin and nails gummies daily. They contain virtually all of the same ingredients as Sugar Bear Hair at less than a third of the cost! Take a look for yourself…


To your left is a bottle of Sugar Bear Hair only costing you $6.99 at your local Walgreens. Containing the same active ingredients which are the obvious Biotin, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and Coconut Oil. By taking a dose a day as a dietary supplement you will get the same results. I also recommend coconut oil hair masks which are a great way to add moisture to damaged hair.


So don’t always fall into the hype of the internet. Sadly, a lot of the posts we see from influential people we look up to on the web are only raving about products for money. But I can assure you this post is 100% unsponsored. I am a trusted source and plan to stay that way. I hope this helped you. Please share my post so others can discover this effective and affordable hair supplement, comparable to the well known Sugar Bear Hair.

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