Between summer classes, a new job, house hunting, and teaching I have little time to focus on me. It’s easy to get consumed in your day to day routines and neglect to care for yourself. We as humans naturally get caught up in stress and push our mind and body to the limit. Self care is so important. In this post I wanted to share a few easy ways to take care of yourself. We’re all human here.

1.) Treat Yourself

“Treat yoself!” It’s simple. Don’t deprive yourself of life’s little pleasures. I’m not telling you to go out and max your credit cards because life’s got you down. But if you need a venti iced coffee with a shot of espresso to kick start your Monday then you do you girl! Or guy? One of the most relaxing things for me when I’m stressed out is taking a bubble bath. The best part is; it costs zero dollars to take a bath. I like to read a good book and light a candle. Baths work wonders for me. Anyways, take the time to indulge in activities that you enjoy. This is the first step to taking care of yourself.

2.) Go Outside

There is no better cure than fresh air. Unless you live in Florida; I guess thick humid air works too. The point is we’re outside guys! Outside of the house, the walls, we’re escaping the enclosed feeling being inside gives us. The outdoors does wonders to clear the mind. Whenever I’m really stressed, like beyond my limits…I take a long walk. Alone. I listen to music and decompress. Sometimes its the best way to avoid taking your anger out on your family/friends. Being outside is a great way to relax and devote a little time to yourself.

3.) Take A Break

It’s okay to take a break. Breathe. Sometimes It feels impossible to make time for a break. How can we take a break when we’ve got work at 7, class at 2 and 3 papers due by midnight? Oh yeah and it’s somebody’s birthday party tonight! There is no time for a life we think to ourselves. But the reality of it is that this is our life. Our only life too I might mention. Unless you believe in that reincarnation stuff then maybe there is more to come but let’s be serious here. Choose to not burn yourself out. You have to practice recognizing when it’s time to take a break. Even if that means requesting off a day of work for yourself, telling your friends you can’t go out, or requesting an extension on that assignment. You can only handle so much.

How do you practice self-care? Leave a comment!

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