I’m in my junior year in college. I’ve gotten exceptionally good at the whole “adulting” thing over the years. I like to think i’m doing pretty good. The real world is actually a frightening place. Luckily I started living in the real world early on. Now, I’m not here to tell you how to open a 401k or how to write checks (although these things are good to know). Keep on reading to find a few easy ways to prepare yourself to be a REAL. LIVE. ADULT.

1.) Save Money

Saving money is a work in progress for me. I do have a savings account that i’m working towards growing over time. It’s difficult though when you’re a full time student, working just enough to pay your phone bill, car insurance, and rent. I wasn’t blessed with parents who take care of me. However, being independent doesn’t have to be such a bad thing. I’ll never rely on anyone else, that’s for sure. You should save money now. Part of being an adult is being responsible and having money accessible when you need it. There is an app that really helped me realize how much money I was waisting on things like food and iced coffees. The app is called Mint. This is not sponsored in any way. (I just really like the app, believe it or not!) It will give you a pie chart that will break down exactly where your money is going each week/month. You can see what goes towards bills, shopping, food, coffee, etc. This app has made me change my ways, for the better.

2.) Upgrade Your Wardrobe

Listen, I live in oversized  comfort colors t shirts, leggings and flip flops. & I have no problem running errands in gym shorts and a tank. But, these outfits don’t really fly in the real world. (But that won’t stop me from wearing them). Obviously we have to be conscious of our surroundings when we go places. It goes without saying that if we want to play the part we need to dress the part. So it won’t hurt to invest in a few “womanly” pieces outside of the junior’s department. Another great place to find cute clothes is Express! Whenever I have an interview to go to, Express is usually my first choice. As for shoes, opt for something comfortable that you can wear for hours on end. If your a heel kind of girl great! You do you! But if you know you’re going to be dreading it, why bother? Well fitting professional clothes will make a great impression on future employers!

3.) Become Informed

One of the best ways to transition into adulthood is to stay informed on current events, political news, and worldwide coverage. If you’re anything like me you’re probably saying “Ain’t nobody got time for that” with a touch of millennial sass. But let’s not embarrass ourselves. This is the world we live in. We want to be smart and informed for when we have children one day.  I don’t have the time in my busy schedule to sit in front of the TV and watch NBC/CNN. Nor the patience to read a newspaper at the breakfast table. But I wouldn’t mind scrolling through an app on my phone that is easily accessible and takes virtually no time at all. That’s the beauty of smart phone applications. CNN, Fox, and NBC all have phone applications with current events and global news. Take your pick and get informed!

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