One of my favorite places to shop for stylish, unique clothes is The Lillipad Boutique. This cute boutique is family owned and operated making it a trusted, quality place to shop. I love buying from boutiques because you can find unique pieces that will stand out, since it’s not on every rack at Forever21. I found the cutest dresses on their site that compliment my style while not making me go broke! The college lifestyle is a struggle, which is why I partnered with The Lillipad Boutique to give you free shipping with the promo code: MELISSALUCY. Checkout some of my favorites below:

‘The Katrina Dress” – $32

Another trendy option is the “Taylor Dress”. It feels like your wearing your boyfriends oversized t-shirt! Super comfy, cute, and wearable. It’s great with heels, converse, or flip flops. Dress it up or dress it down! The best part about this dress is: IT HAS POCKETS! Yes! You read that right. Deep woven high quality pockets on each side of the dress makes it a staple in every girl’s wardrobe. Check it out here:

“The Taylor Dress” – $30

Head on over to The Lillipad Boutique at and don’t forget to get free shipping with the promo code: MELISSALUCY.


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