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I was recently introduced to this super drink from on-line research and videos geared toward a healthy lifestyle.  Kombucha is a detox beverage made from fermented tea. It’s got lots of great health benefits which is why I’ve added it to my diet. I try to drink a bottle 2-3 times a week. You should too! Kombucha is definitely an acquired taste however, with all of its great benefits I’m not too concerned with taste.

Improved Digestion

Kombucha supports digestion because it is full of probiotics.  Probiotics contain the good bacteria your gut needs to properly digest the foods you eat. Some research has shown kombucha has the ability to prevent/heal stomach ulcers, GERD, heartburn and other digestive issues.

Kombucha also contains yeast. This is great because it can help balance and restore the digestive system when yeast takes over. People who consume a lot of sugar usually are at risk for over growth of yeast. Kombucha can’t prevent the infection from ever starting.


Kombucha is a great substitute for your everyday shot of espresso/energy drink. Kombucha has a natural way of giving the body that extra boost of energy.  During the fermentation process, iron is released from the tea. This contains very little caffeine but lots of b vitamins which energize the body! Say goodbye to your coffee and hello kombucha!


Kombucha detoxifies the body with the enzymes and bacteria. The enzymes/bacteria reduce the load on the liver which reduces the work of the pancreas. Kombucha also increases excretion through kidneys/intestines which cleanses your body of toxins. Not to mention the vitamin C found in kombucha which is a potent detoxifier.

Kombucha is an all around incredible drink. I feel so positive and refreshed when drinking it. Don’t believe me? Go pick up a bottle yourself! I get mine at my local grocery store. If you can’t find any at yours, stop in at a food/health store. I highly recommend the GT’s Organic Kombucha brand in the flavor Gingerade. Try it…you won’t regret it!


PS- This is not sponsored or affiliated with the brand mentioned above. All thoughts are my own.


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