That’s right. I used to be a meat consuming, cheese loving, yogurt eating omnivore. Before you choose to stop reading because you assume i’m like most vegans, who breathe down your throat about it, i’m not. Do I believe that by becoming a vegan I’m helping save our planet? Not contributing to animal cruelty? Cutting back on the likely hood of developing conditions such as heart disease and cancer? You’re damn right I do. But that’s just simply not why i’m writing this post. I’m writing this to tell you my personal reasoning for choosing to drastically change my lifestyle from a classic ‘murican to a healthy , fit vegan.

Going way back months ago I had always thought about veganism. It lingered in the back of my head. And like most Americans I always told myself I could never do it. Why? You might ask. Well, “I love meat way too much to ever become a vegan!” July 11th I decided I would just test it out. I wanted to give myself just one week without meat. (I didn’t even give up dairy or other animal derived foods. I only gave up meat.) Within a few days I was feeling energized and very positive. But who is to say that isn’t just me?

A week or so after going vegetarian, I had started doing a lot of research. Research about plant based diets. How can you ensure that you’re getting enough protein? What meal options are out there for vegans? Isn’t it expensive? The benefits of veganism over vegetarianism and so on. I stumbled across many different blog posts on the internet and videos online that all seemed to mention the same documentary. I’m sure you’ve heard of it. Maybe you’ve even seen it. But; if you haven’t I suggest you do. It’s available on Netflix. Make yourself a bowl of organic, butter-free popcorn and get cozied up to watch the documentary that will actually change your life forever. It’s called: “What The Health”. I can’t even begin to tell you where my mind went after watching this short film. Before assuming that its just some video about how animals are abused again i’m telling you right now, it’s not. It’s all about something very important that should trump everything else in your entire life. Your health. The following day after watching this video, I chose to be vegan. I have told myself that I will give up meat, dairy, eggs, and all other animal derived foods. It’s been an uphill battle. You really don’t realize how much you eat this stuff until you’re forced to go without it. The next thing you know your sitting on your kitchen floor naked with a bowl of kale in your face. Since it’s only been a few days that i’ve been living this new lifestyle, I don’t have much more to say.

I plan to update you guys once a month or so on how everything is going. Along the way I want to share vegan recipes and creative snacks I come up with. If you want to stay better connected follow my instagram @ melissalucyblog. I hope that you will take the time to watch this documentary and tell me what you think. Leave a comment or tweet me. & again I thank you for reading this entire post. (If you did) lol.

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