Anyone who knows me knows that I LOVE stickers. I put stickers all over my laptop, binders, and my planner. Ever since I was a kid I can just remember it being one of life’s simple pleasures. Bad News Brown is a company on Etsy that sells graphic magnets, bumper stickers, decals and more. They feature the cutest, most unique sayings that will be different than what everyone else has. I fell in love with the brand and they were kind enough to send me a few samples of their work. After careful consideration I decided to sponsor them in my blog post because I believe that you will love what they have to offer! Their creations are unique and sassy with a touch of feminism. I hope that you like Bad News Brown as much as I did. Checkout some of my personal favorites below. If you are interested you can use my code: MELISSALUCY10 for 10% your order. Here is the link for your convenience:  The Bad News Brown






Disclaimer:The products mentioned above were sent to me courtesy of The Bad News Brown and were sponsored for this post. I would never suggest a product that I didn’t believe in. All thoughts are my own. Thank you.


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