The Triple Bristle 

I never thought I would find myself writing a post about an electric toothbrush. Yet here I am. & I wouldn’t waste my time if I didn’t think it was worth yours! I have used a sonic toothbrush before, I know how they work and the benefits of them. However, I have NEVER used anything like the Triple Bristle toothbrush. This toothbrush was invented by a dentist himself and has the ultimate goal of transforming oral care as we know it. So what makes this sonic toothbrush better than the rest?

Why Triple Bristle?

The Triple Bristle toothbrush will clean your teeth more effectively than any other toothbrush you’ve used before. Why? Because the Triple Bristle has not one, not two, but three bristle brush heads to clean every surface of your teeth at once! Triple Bristle is the only toothbrush that you can confidently feel you’ve cleaned every inch of your mouth with ease. I know because I’ve been brushing with this toothbrush twice a day for the past two weeks. My mouth has never felt cleaner! My dentist would be so proud! 🙂 This toothbrush features removable brush heads and a wireless charging system. I always get my 2 minutes in because the Triple Bristle has a built in 2-minute timer. The vibration is very quiet and gentle so you never have to worry about waking the whole house when brushing your pearly whites.  If you’re a lazy brusher, the Triple Bristle will change your life!

Still not convinced?

Triple Bristle is so confident that you’ll fall in love with their product that they offer a 30-day money back satisfaction guarantee. Try it today by heading over to or get in on Amazon with Prime if you’re in a hurry!


We only get one set of teeth in our lifetime. (Well two if you count the set that is taken by the tooth fairy) We should be giving our teeth the best possible care. I’m so happy that I discovered the Triple Bristle toothbrush. The three-sided design always ensures I’m cleaning every surface, every time! So go get yours today! If you have any questions/concerns feel free to email me or talk to the Triple Bristle customer service team over on their website.


Click the link to buy yours:

Disclaimer: The product mentioned above was sent to me courtesy of Triple Bristle and was sponsored for this post. I would never suggest a product that I didn’t believe in. All thoughts are my own. Thank you.

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