I’m so proud to say that image above is not a stock photo. I painted that. All by myself. That’s right! ME! I am so impressed by how cute this came out, and the best part is… It cost me nothing to make it! Last night my family and I were out shopping for our Christmas tree. Of course they always have a large container full of tree trimmings you can take home for free and in some special cases they have a box of pine wood slices they save from cutting the ends off the trees. Most people think nothing of it. However, you can use these to make some cute crafty ornaments for your tree! Or you can just paint them and use them as holiday coasters or decor like I did!

If you can find them at your Christmas tree shop, they have thin wood slices, these make the perfect ornaments. If they only have thick heavy ones like mine did, just use them for decor. Either way the easy instructions are below:


  • Pine tree slices
  • Acrylic Paint
  • Clear Spray Sealant
  • Sand paper (optional)
  • Drill (optional)
  • Ribbon/String (optional)

Start out by getting your hands on some pine tree slices. It’s optional to sand down the surface of your wood slice before painting. But, it will definitely create a smoother surface to work with, if you have the patience.


Paint whatever design you love! I chose to do a C+M because that’s my boyfriend and I’s initials and I gave mine to him as a gift as this is our first Christmas together in our own home. Any acrylic paint will work and it dries pretty quick too which is a bonus!


This step is optional however it will make your little piece of decor have a glistening shine to it. Get yourself a can of clear spray sealant which can be found by the spray paint at any craft store. If you craft frequently it’s a good thing to have anyways!


Lastly, if you choose to make your wood slice into an ornament, drill a tiny hole into the top and tie a cute ribbon or decorative string around it to hang on your Christmas tree. Of course this is optional.

I hope that you try out this cute DIY! I really enjoyed making mine and it makes a cute date idea too:) Don’t forget to like this post and subscribe. If you decide to try this out tweet me a photo @xomelissalucy, I would love to see what unique pieces you come up with!


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