Self care people! Let’s talk about it. I am a strong believer in self care. I think it’s important to take a little extra time for yourself once in a while. Whether that’s taking a hot bubble bath once a week with a hot pocket and a fanta (like I did) or just taking a break from the daily grind. I decided that I owe it to myself. Today is actually Tuesday not Sunday. I just couldn’t really fit a self-care day in this past Sunday because it was finals week. Now that that’s behind me, everyday feels like a holiday.

Bubble Baths

This is my #1, because it’s FREE! Mind you, I don’t take any ordinary bubble bath. I am probably the most extra person EVER when it comes to taking baths! I like bubble bath, epsom salts, and a good bath bomb. We can’t forget a nice candle burning in the background along with my essential oil diffuser emitting good vibes of lemongrass and lavender. I usually opt for a nice glass of wine, but tonight I treated myself to a soda. Orange soda! Which I haven’t had in like 10 years so it was a real treat!


If you’ve never had a full body massage I highly recommend it. Of course find a place that is reputable and has decent Yelp reviews. If you’re looking for a deal Groupon almost always has some sort of coupon for body massages. A good deep tissue massage will leave you feeling like a whole new person. Massages can get pricey. So keep reading for some other alternatives. But if you can afford it once in a while, definitely try it out!


Take yourself to the nail salon and get either a manicure or pedicure or even both! Manicures, in my opinion, are more of a hassle. I don’t find them relaxing and I just get really impatient. Nonetheless, you’ll still find me getting my nails done every two weeks. Now pedicures on the other hand… those are the key to relaxation. Bring yourself a good book or scroll through your phone while your feet are pampered. I love a good pedicure. Just remember this is about relaxation and self-care. Try not to focus on work/school or any other stressors in your life.


Haven’t you heard? Adult coloring is a therapy of its own these days. I’m a grown-up lady and I still love to sit down with a box of crayons and doodle on some paper. It’s relaxing and peaceful. Not to mention you can draw/doodle your thoughts and get them out on paper. This is going to sound really creepy but a few weeks ago I was having a rough time in my life missing my dad. I drew a picture of a sunset and a boat with a grave that said “RIP”. That really sounds super creepy and I probably shouldn’t have mentioned that. But I’m just keeping it real with you guys and telling you that drawing/coloring is a great form of self-expression… even at your darkest times.


This post was not sponsored by any brand/company. I wrote this because I genuinly care about my readers and want to contribute to the trend.. #selfcaresunday . Or #selfcarewhateverday . You can find any day that works best with your schedule. Just do yourself a favor and devote some time for your overall well being. XO


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