I’ve tested out quite a few different subscription services over the years. I love the idea behind subscription boxes. It’s like a little gift to yourself every month and after a while you forget that it’s even coming and it’s always a sweet surprise. After lots of trial and error and some research, let me share with you what I’ve found to be the best subscription boxes.

Boxy Charm

Boxy charm has been around for years and years and is a very well known subscription service giving you 4-5 FULL SIZE makeup/skincare products every month. Full size is key here. Most subscription services give you samples of products. #Boxycharm gives you full size products valuing at over $100 and you only have to pay $20 a month. Trust me, it’s a great deal if you love high-end makeup and trying new products.


If you know me, you know that I love face masks. I’m always trying something new whether its the latest charcoal mud masks, or gold glow sheet masks. When I discovered a subscription service for face masks I just couldn’t turn it down. Facetory sends you 7 face masks a month, they’re Korean with the absolute cutest packaging you could ever dream of. They always send a variety so you’re always trying new ones. Some that I’ve tried in the past are calming masks, honey masks, aqua energy, and 7 minute miracle. You can subscribe and get 2 face masks for $5.95/month or get 7 face masks for $15.95/month. Treat yourself.


I love perfume, but what I don’t love is paying $100+ for bottle, and getting hardly halfway through it before I’m ready for a new scent. Scentbox allows you to choose from over 750 designer fragrances, you’ll get them delivered to your door for only $13.95/month with your first month being only $9.77. You can cancel at anytime, but I doubt that you’ll want to. I’ve discovered some of my favorite perfumes from using Scentbox. 

Monogram Monthly

Wait. You’re telling me that I can get a package every month full of monogrammed stuff like water bottles, stickers, picture frames, and more!? Sign me up! Monogram monthly packages are found all over Etsy. Find your favorite Etsy monogram shop and you’ll get a box full of monogrammed goodies with huge savings and a great value! Most of these subscriptions range from $10-$15. Affordable and totally worth it!

Stitch Fix

Stichfix allows you to fill out a style profile on their website so that you can share your style size and price preferences. Next, you get 5 pieces of clothing delivered to your door without the hassle of worrying whether they fit or you like them. You keep what you want and send the rest back! I love this concept because I can be very picky when it comes to clothing. I can love how something looks online but then try it on and absolutely hate it. That’s why I think Stitchfix is the new coming-of-age trend to shopping online.

I hope this post helped you discover some unique subscription services. This post was not sponsored, and I am not affiliated with any of the companies mentioned above. I think every woman should treat themselves AT LEAST once a month. This is the perfect way to do it! XO

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